Confessions of a Nerdy Girl by Linda Cousine

Wilhelmina Eugenia Shisbey is the thirteenth documented person in the world to have H-SAM, highly superior autobiographical memory, a condition that allows her to remember the exact weather patterns that occurred and the breakfast cereals that she ate on an exact day, even if it was years ago. Between H-SAM, her surgically corrected cleft lip, her thick glasses, and her pride in her eraser collection, Willa is, well, a total nerd. Or so she believes at the beginning of Confessions of a Nerdy Girl. Thirteen year-old Willa struggles against the cruelty of being considered different and unpopular in middle school, but Willa’s story is one of perseverance and the importance of a good and genuine soul. With these traits Willa fights the injustices that exist within the walls of Orange County, California’s Triton Middle School. Willa becomes a leader for the individuals who know how sad and disheartening it is to eat lunch alone or feel like you just don’t belong.

Confessions of a Nerdy Girl is a heart-warming book with a message that could be applied in any middle school throughout the country. The story touches on sensitive topics such as homosexuality, physical handicaps, and bullying. Willa’s trials, mishaps, and triumphs alternately leave the reader cringing, laughing, and cheering her on, and Willa’s actions and good heart make her into the life-changing everyday superhero that all thirteen year-olds should aspire to be like. Confessions of a Nerdy Girl will have you turning pages until you finally have to ask yourself, “How do I get my hands on the sequel?”

Confessions of a Nerdy Girl has yet to be released, check back for it soon!