Connection Point by Judith Rook

For many years, Peter Williams led a quiet, ordinary life of solitude free of trouble in Western Australia, but soon we discover that Peter is not, it would seem, an ordinary person. When he receives a newspaper clipping from his cousin in the mail concerning the disappearance of someone named Mrs. Bentham, the name draws him back several decades to the rural European town of Bradford, where Peter lived for a time thirty years prior. Pulled by some implicit sense of duty and a waxing nostalgia, he returns to the United Kingdom and to the echoes of his previous life. Upon his return, we are quickly introduced to Peter’s very extraordinary, extraterrestrial past where Sheila and Graham Bentham are only code words for Silce and Grayne, members of an alien race with whom Peter was closely connected. Once cast off from their ranks, Peter is asked once again to take up arms in a battle of extraordinary proportions, the outcome of which threatens to affect the entire human race.

Connection Point is a fast, engaging, and entertaining read. Rook balances her seemingly mundane descriptions of life in the rural countryside, with extraterrestrial elements that soon take readers out of this reality. The characters and plot, while simple, offer an interesting look at humanity from the perspective of the other, calling up questions of the lines between alien and human and the question of who has control. This is a relatable read for sci-fi fans and general readers alike.