Contract Pending by Al Marsiglia


Al Marsiglia’s novel Contract Pending offers a unique view into the modern-day mob and the life-changing events that can occur when one becomes too involved with it. Frankie’s life seems to be going entirely according to plan until he accepts a ‘job’ as a hired hand– just roughing up and intimidation, no killing. At first Frankie is tentative and careful, but the more jobs that he does, the more he realizes that he does not mind the mob life, or the money that comes with it. However, when Frankie takes a job off to spend time with his brother and his partner totally botches it, losing a huge amount of money, Frankie ends up finding himself on the bad side of the mob and truly begins to realize how unforgiving of a ‘family’ the mob can really be. As Frankie’s world quickly spirals out of control, he comes to realize the importance of freedom, unexpected friendships, and love.

Contract Pending is a quick, easy, and fast-paced novel. While it has some fun twists and turns, there are no earth-shattering or truly unexpected events. The characters also leave something to be desired, not developing much and only remaining page-deep with dialogue that could easily be from a movie. However, Contract Pending has an exciting story-line, making it a fun page turner that will leave you hoping that there is enough time and that the wrong person will not get caught in the crossfire.

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