Conversations on the Bench by Digger Cartwright


diggerDigger Cartwright’s Conversations on the Bench starts very slow and quite dry. This fictional story, based on actual events, kicks off in a fancy country club where Mr. Cartwright had been invited to a symposium. The reader is left to wonder what this is all about and just where the plot is headed. The two men, who invited Cartwright to the symposium, wanted to make a difference in the world.  Eventually, after a continued rendition of their visit and a round of golf, one man, Robbie, asked Cartwright to write a motivational book about the other man, Sebastian’s life lessons. He wanted the wisdom of those lessons to be captured and shared with the hope it would help someone else. This particular conversation was the initial spark for Conversations on the Bench.

This book is cleanly written, but leaves the reader without much motivation to turn the page even at the point of being a third of the way through the book. There seems to be little substance to the story, and the majority of it is simply dialogue between the characters. However, if the reader can hang on he/she just might finally discover the motivation that Robbie wanted to come through the pages as his conversations with Sebastian are recounted. Sometimes, you, the reader, must be patient if you want to find a diamond in the rough. Cartwright’s Conversations on the Bench just might be one of those moments, and one of those stories.

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