Countenance by Joy Ross Davis

Now is the time to read ‘Countenance,’ the first novel from author Joy Ross Davis. It weaves a tale that is by turns both warm and chilling, just like an early October evening.  ‘Countenance’ is the story of thirty-eight-year-old Nealey Monaghan and her struggle to reassemble the pieces of her life after her family is murdered by someone who was once close to them.  Fragile and shell-shocked, Nealey is invited to live with her Aunt Sylvie at the Playhouse Inn Bed and Breakfast in Highland, Tennessee.  Sylvie is the proprietress at the inn but her double duties as home chef and cookbook author often pull her away from the Playhouse for days at a time, so she decides to turn the keys over to Nealey, hoping that the hectic pace of daily life at the inn will be able to turn the grieving mother’s mind from the horrors of her past.  But Nealey soon finds that the Playhouse Inn houses a few horrors of its own, its many mysteries gradually revealing themselves as she explores both the inn’s rooms and its troubled history. Even so, the young widow discovers that she has help from higher up and some very astonishing friends staying with her.  And perhaps Nealey will also find the ability to love again after re-discovering the beauty of life and of the unknown.

‘Countenance’ is such a comforting and heart-warming tale, and readers will fall in love with the novel’s leading ladies, Nealey and Sylvie, who really are strong and extraordinary women.  Not to mention that the love between them is so palpable it all but brings this story to life.  Plenty of other surprising characters populate this novel’s pages as well, some of them being more – or less – than they seem, and you’ll get a chance to meet them all. While ‘Countenance’ is a relatively brief read, it contains a heavy helping of life lessons that will surely leave readers feeling emotionally sated.

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