Cover Me Boys, I’m Going In by Keith Hirshland


Some families are doctors, some are lawyers.  Others are accountants or airplane pilots or farmers or hairdressers.  Keith Hirshland’s family works in the television industry.  In his memoir, entitled Cover Me Boys, I’m Going In, Hirshland recounts the story of how he first got started in the TV biz working for his father’s local station in Reno, Nevada.  After a number of years working behind and in front of the camera, Hirshland realized that he had discovered his passion, which isn’t all that surprising considering the lasting influence his own father (a TV great himself) had on his career.  From Reno to Connecticut, Hirshland’s career begins to snowball until he happily finds himself participating in the birth of the niche sports channel market.  Along the way, Hirshland encounters a variety of hardships, triumphs, and disappointments, which are captured here in his memoir as snappy, charming vignettes.  Ultimately, Cover Me Boys is the story of what it takes to succeed not only in business, but in life.

Quirky and tear-jerking, Hirshland’s memoir is extraordinarily expansive in that it follows his journey from the very beginning, providing portraits of family members, co-workers, and loved ones who played a role in his professional (and personal) development.  It quickly becomes apparent just how many people must be credited with helping a young kid find success in his career of choice.  Hirshland hints that without a particular leg-up from certain individuals, he wouldn’t have ended up where he is today.  And, by the same logic, Cover Me Boys shows that even negative moments in our lives – layoffs, missed professional opportunities, botched interviews – often put us on the path to true happiness.  After his father’s TV station in Reno was bought up by a larger company and Hirshland found himself out of a job, he summoned the courage required to seek more challenging work elsewhere.   Eventually, he would go on to interview celebrities like Robin Williams and Dianna Ross, while having zany experiences (like racing camels in Arizona) along the way.  Cover Me Boys proves that the most important factor of success in life and in business isn’t luck, or talent, or even money – it’s passion.

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