Creepy Crawly Pets by Mackenzie McGrath

Creepy Crawly Pets is a children’s book written and illustrated by Mackenzie McGrath that follows a child named Sammy who learns about bugs and insects from their older brother and sister who have them as pets. In the introduction of the book we find out that the book was written as a way to expose children to bugs and to teach them about them so that they would be familiar with the creatures, thereby hopefully reducing the amount of fear usually associated with these kinds of living beings. The character of Sammy is purposely not identified as one gender or the other so that both boys and girls can relate to the narrator. The colorful illustrations pair well with the text that is simple, insightful, and also fun to read along with. The narrative teaches the reader about parts of the insect’s body, and what some of these certain bugs can do. By the end, Sammy feels much less afraid of the critters.

While the main textual part of the story is not entirely long, there is still enough factual information provided for children to learn about bugs and insects. The end of the book even has real-life photos of some of the bugs that were mentioned in the story, offering information about their habitat, diet, size, and life-span. There is also a glossary that covers common insect terms. This is the perfect kind of book to read to a child who likes bugs or insects, or for a young person who is interested in learning more about them. While the narrative itself could be expanded, and the illustrations further polished, overall this is a cute and well-organized book that children will enjoy, whether they love bugs or not.

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