Creepy Shorts by Lisa M. Griffiths


creepyLisa M. Griffiths sets out to bring the goosebumps to her readers’ arms with her collection of short stories appropriately entitled Creepy Shorts. Creepy Shorts features seven short stories, written in the first person point of view, that depict extraordinary events occurring in ordinary lives. Each story offers a young female protagonist as the lead (although in one case, it is both the young girl and her mother) who encounters strange dangers ranging from teddy bears with haunted pasts to bus drivers with strangely mythological undertones. Griffiths’ short stories mesh evocatively disturbing images with identifiably moral endings, giving her readers a quick life lesson amidst the chaos and horror her characters bravely face.

The brevity of Griffiths’ short stories will appeal to both children and adult readers alike, but the content appears primarily to be geared towards a younger audience. The thrills and chills that Creepy Shorts provokes may only be really relevant to an age group that she frequently writes from the perspective of- that being of children around age ten. In the case of an audience of this nature, these short stories are admirable in that they successfully fuse humor, horror, and humility together to create tales that demonstrate how courageous young children can be, even through their faults or mistakes. However, the stories, while cleanly written and crisp in their delivery, do leave something to be desired. Certain thematic elements and plot points in Creepy Shorts have already been explored, and thoroughly so, by other written works, leaving readers potentially finding the ideas behind some of the shorts to be familiar and unsurprising. However, Creepy Shorts remains a charming collection of gentle horror, suitable for young children looking to be a little scared and adults looking to teach those children a little morality.

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