Crimes of Faith by Anah Jochebed

four stars

A book that contains poetry, religious ideology, and an abundance of striking images, Crimes of Faith by Anah Jochebed is the kind of book that a reader can fully immerse themselves within. As the author states in his introduction “this book should be read as a story, a fairy tale, a secret…” Ideas like laissez faire, falling from grace, and redemption are discussed in the narrative constructed here, throughout life itself and by comparing these subjects to religious beliefs. The author gives a back-story of his life and experiences in the opening pages of the book, before segueing into the essays and poems that comprise the majority of this book’s pages. The author hopes to help people through the words written here, to find guidance for those who are lost, and to bring about a kind of absolution for those who have committed wrongs. The content is very religious in nature and may not be for everyone, but since there is such an abundance of ideas amongst these pages, it is likely that anyone could find some sort of hope from what is presented.

This is not the kind of book to be taken lightly, as the overall theme is one that is meant to benefit people who are lost, without hope or faith. Simply by amassing this much work into one volume is a feat in itself, and we commend Jochebed for putting together all of the material that is included here. The design of the book is very enticing, and the pages are organized in a helpful way, even though the form of the content does tend to vary a bit. As the author states, after reading this book “many will live on in disbelief, many will simply give up in frustration, many will become angered and disappointed, and many will cheer…” but regardless of what the reader is bound to do, this book is sure to make them think.