Crossing the Date Line: Adventures of a Traveling Geologist by John Solo

John Sollo’s Crossing the Date Line: Adventures of a Traveling Geologist was a surprising and entertaining read. John recounts his travels in various countries, including Venezuela, New Zealand, Alaska, China, Papua New Guinea, as well as ten others. Throughout the work, readers follow John through his experiences, the people he has met, and the unbelievable situations that he found himself in (and worked his way out of). With chapters with titles such as ‘It All Tasted Like Chicken,’ ‘The Monsoon Rain,’ and especially ‘Mama Grizzly,’ it is easy to see where John’s travels have taken him and will take readers throughout his stories. Some of the narrative accounts are touching, some are terrifying, but all of these tales will make readers wish they were there with him for his unforgettable experiences.

This book captures the reader’s attention immediately, before the book even really begins, as John attempts to catch a flight while stuck in holiday traffic, frustrated to the point where he almost leaves his ride to walk to the airport. From then on, the action and entertainment doesn’t stop. The pictures that accompany the stories throughout the work provide even further insight into the voyages, and provide faces to the names to those he knew and those he met. Crossing the Date Line is one of those can’t-put-down reads, and one that will stick with the reader as they go about their daily lives. With stories that most wouldn’t be able to achieve even if they were given three separate lifetimes, John Sollo provides readers the insight into how we all wish we could live, by living his own singular life in such a fantastic fashion.

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