Crystal Universe by Martin Sadler


crystalA creation myth and supernatural adventure worthy of the attention of modern audiences unfolds at the confluence of the predestined characters in Martin Sadler’s absorbing novel Crystal Universe. A cosmic seed beckons its guardians to the North Shore of Hawaii’s big island, where a battle between good and evil engulfs them, elevating their connection to one another and the world around them to new heights. As their consciousness expands, and the strings that bind them together are illuminated, so too is an inevitable power struggle between strong archetypal themes of life and death, light and darkness, as well as good and evil.

Sadler’s novel offers an exploration of the creation and nature of mankind that does not overextend or come across as presumptuous. The characters, and there are many, are all very well developed, and it is easy to engage with them, even at the quick pace with which they are presented. Shifting the focus of each chapter among the deck of characters keeps the reader entertained and wondering who will contribute next and what that contribution will be. The author’s experience as a songwriter and musician surely contributed to the complex and interesting structure of the novel. As the crystals that draw his characters together do, Sadler’s novel will leave the reader enthusiastically questioning their place in the universe with a fascinating new lens through which to look.

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