Cuz I Do It With My Friends by Kathleen Krapf Kral

four stars

cyzAn illustrated children’s book about a young boy starting his first day of school, ‘Cuz I Do It With My Friends: An Exciting Day at School by Kathleen Krapf Kral is a fun rhyming book about how great school can be. The book opens with a young unnamed boy who is about to start his first day of kindergarten. We follow his morning routine as his mother and father help him get ready for school before the yellow bus arrives to take him on a ride. He makes a new friend on the bus when he sits next to another little boy, and before long they are at their classroom, meeting the other students and their teacher. We are told about all of the exciting things that happen at school, like learning new things, working together, reading books, painting pictures, and going outside for recess. By the time the end of the school day comes along, the little boy feels happy and like he’s achieved a great deal, especially with the help of his friends.

The rhyming pace of this book keeps the tone upbeat and positive, as we follow along the main character as he learns all of the new things that will happen at school each day. The colorful illustrations pair perfectly with the text, and children of all different shapes, sizes, and ethnicities are displayed as being members of the classroom, which is a nice touch, allowing any kind of child to find someone who looks like them while reading this story. While there isn’t anything super original about this book, it’s still a nicely crafted picture book about starting school for the first time, and will appeal to children around the same age level as the characters featured.

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