Cuzco by Alex Walker

Cuzco (Book 2 of the Toltec Series) by Alex Walker

Cuzco new coverAlex Walker returns with the second installment in his Toltec series, entitled Cuzco, which is arguably even more entertaining than its predecessor.  Simon Murphy and Elijah Walker – who teamed up against all manner of dark and mysterious forces in Toltec – are at each other’s side once again, this time headed deep into the Andes Mountains in search of a treasure that shares a connection with the world-shattering discovery they made in Mexico several years ago.  Simon and Elijah are now inescapably tied to the fate of the human race, so it is up to them to lead another expedition down South and collect an artifact that is as likely pure legend as it is real.  But, of course, treasure hunting is never easy – the Americans are dogged their entire journey by a group of French mercenaries whose interest in the Peruvian prize is anything but academic.   If Simon and Elijah lose this race to the finish, it could easily spell extinction for mankind.

Walker’s Toltec series effortlessly combines aspects of science fiction, American folklore, historical fiction, and adventurism to create a story that is far greater than the sum of its parts.  Cuzco introduces readers to some new characters while bringing back many of our favorites from Toltec; it’s no small feat for Walker to be able to balance his novel among so many different players, stationed in cities and continents all across the globe.  In Cuzco, we get a true taste of the scale of destruction facing the human race, making Simon and Elijah’s quest for answers all the more desperate – and all the more crucial.  Oftentimes, historical fiction can be dry, lifeless, the story stifled by the author’s perceived duty to honor our nation’s forebears.  Walker manages to not only paint an accurate picture of the United States in the wake of the Civil War, but also to imbue his story with an effortless sense of humor and optimism that elevates Cuzco to a whole new level.

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