Cyber Knights by HW Coyle and Jennifer Ellis


HW Coyle and Jennifer Ellis offer an intriguing yet frightening look into the world of online terrorism in Cyber Knights. Andy Webb, a former British Army officer, serves as the leader of Century Consultants, which offers a different type of self-defense to their clients: cyber security. The fun-loving and charismatic Tommy Tyler brings the brawn, and a young American named Karen Spencer assists Mr. Webb in taking down the most brilliant hackers and would-be assassins of the world. The team works from a London office, but they soon find themselves traveling across the globe to slay the most nerdy, pervy and dangerous dragons of the Internet.

Cyber Knights drags on during the first quarter of the novel, but not because of minimal details. The authors bring the characters to life with superb descriptions of settings and personalities, however a collection of run-on sentences makes the first 40 pages a tough read. Fortunately, Cyber Knights surprisingly takes an exciting turn with snappy dialogue, sexy locations, and a complete transformation of one of the main characters. Each chapter ends with the writers explaining the “story behind the story” and the technology utilized by Century Consultants, which initially seems out of place, but ultimately adds a fresh dynamic to the text. Cyber Knights allows an insider perspective on the dangers of cyber terrorism, but the main players aren’t fully developed enough to care about, aside from one who becomes revitalized after an Italian job. A late twist teases the reader, but it’s too little and too late. All in all, Cyber Knights produces stale tales of romance, however the abundance of tech talk is easy to follow and will undoubtedly be useful for all readers.

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