Daisy by Sharon Reyne


daisyDaisy follows the story of a young loving horse, written by Sharon Reyne. In the beginning, Daisy lives in the city behind a big warehouse, where no one comes to visit her or spend time with her. Before long Daisy is loaded up into a big trailer behind a blue truck that smells so much better than her earlier home. Daisy is excited about where she might be going to. Daisy is taken away from the city and watches in awe as her surroundings grow more and more beautiful. She’s taken to a nice open field that is lined with a white fence and lovely trees. Daisy is so happy she runs and runs, feeling free in her new home. However, once night falls there are certain things about the city that Daisy misses. She meets an owl who she befriends and talks to about the differences from her old home in the city. She soon befriends a cricket, a spider, and even a raccoon. Before long, Daisy also meets a young girl named Amy who becomes one of her best friends.

With colorful illustrations and a well-paced plot that will keep children and young adults entertained, Daisy, by Sharon Reyne is a lovely children’s story that horse lovers and animal lovers of all kinds will enjoy. Coming in at over forty pages it is a nice lengthy picture book that would work well as a bedtime story. It could even be split up into sections as parents read the different parts of the narrative to children as Daisy meets all of the various animals that she comes across in her new home.

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