Dane Granger Reborn by Stephanie Hensley

Addiction is a powerful thing, especially when love is mixed with substances. Stephanie Hensley’s erotic and train-of-thought noir is an eye-opening tale of celebrity, self-destruction and passionate love. Dane Granger is a movie star known throughout the world and must deal with the brutal truth about an old flame along with a recent tragedy during a trip back home to Indiana. Old wounds are opened up with a simple bite of the lips, and the intriguing but disturbing life of celebrity Dane Granger is revealed through a personal, and often devastating, narration of a life approaching disaster.

Stephanie Hensley has a unique voice in the world of literature with her character Dane Granger, and the fiery, vulgar voice of Granger will have you laughing out loud and biting your nails as the events unfold from Indiana and New York City. Hensley does a solid job of focusing the story on the personal life of Granger, however a few more character details about her rise to fame would have been helped the reader understand her perspective. To the credit of the author, the plot often takes surprising turns and offers a gritty inside look at the life of one whom appears to have it all. Hensley doesn’t always effectively communicate why Granger is so irresistible, aside from being a womanizing movie star, but small details emerge from page to page in the shocking character study. Most importantly, Hensley raises questions about how society reacts to tragedy from a variety of perspectives.

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