Dark Locks and Hidden Treasures by Teto Peck


Teto Peck artistically melds and vibrantly illuminates fantasy with science-fiction fun, having mystifying characters at a variety of mental levels for any reader alike. Peck reiterates exceptional means of portraying the menagerie of characters in this second book of the Black Cloth Series, Dark Lock and Hidden Treasures. You can truly feel the dynamics of the situation, as tensions build and the weariness of danger looms. Dwarves, Druids, Elves, and the undead riddle this story with curiosity, danger and adventure. With mystical interactions, talking crows, giants, and trolls, this quick paced adventure will leave you with hope, distress, and even moments of shear surprise. The reader’s mind will be ensnared by the ever-changing scenery and the constant shifting character behavior. Peck delivers an adventure of the mind and the spirit.

A great tragedy erupted in the Silver Forest, forcing an unlikely allegiance to fruition with the Black Cloth Mythel Prince, Bariad. While Ashara the Evil Priestess seeks to further her dark powers by igniting a war amongst the humans, Bariad’s companions must strive through the questioning seas, the squelching deserts and even back into the Silver Forest without falling in to the web of torturous evil set forth by the priestess or any Elven treachery. Will the word’s army be ready to answer evil’s malicious War Cry or will Bariad loose his mind and magic to the dark priestess? Adventure, mystery and fantasy await the next reader of the second installation of the Black Cloth Trilogy.