Dark Money by Larry Thompson


Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 12.51.53 PMDark Money is a fascinating tale of dirty money, power, and an effort by an against-the-government group called the Alamo Defenders. Author, Larry D. Thompson, weaves back and forth between former Army man, Jack Bryant, law enforcement officers, the head of the Alamo Defenders, Colonel Van Zandt, and his daughter. Miriam Van Zandt followed her daddy’s orders and killed a local billionaire and seriously wounded the governor of Texas during a fundraiser. Once the law finds her, they face the difficult challenge of arresting her inside her father’s compound. Van Zandt has used his own dirty money to accumulate a ton of illegal firearms, and he has no intention of letting anyone stop him. But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg and only one piece of the story. When Van Zandt’s compound is invaded and Miriam is ultimately taken into custody Thompson’s Dark Money takes quite a different turn.

Larry Thompson does a great job keeping readers intrigued in the story as it continues to evolve. New characters show up as well as some falling away, but this unique aspect of Dark Money keeps readers turning pages. It is a very well-written story with underlying issues for many of the characters. For example, Sergeant Walt Frazier Jr., who is a key character throughout the story, has PTSD, and this shows up in numerous ways. Thompson’s ability to add such depth and sub-stories makes for a compelling read. And, not to be overlooked, the descriptiveness of the scenes flow elegantly allowing the reader to see clearly what is happening from one moment to the next. Thompson avoids gory scenes and heart-stopping moments that make readers need to leave the light on. Instead, he’s written a thriller that’s packed with mystery and intrigue and will make the gears of a reader’s mind spin. Dark Money is exciting, yet is also a great book to curl up with and enjoy the paradox of a relaxing thriller.

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