Dark Stories for the Mind: Eternity’s Diner by Keith Starblue

keith★★★★  Dark Stories for the Mind: Eternity’s Diner is a collection of short stories that are definitely dark, as well as extremely creative and highly entertaining. Ranging in subject matter from sex and murder to aliens and the supernatural, these stories fit well with each other nicely and a few of them tie together at the end. The first story is a tale of an assassin with amnesia, and the next is about a murderer where the reader can’t be sure of what is really happening until the end. An especially creative story is about a diner that is somehow sentient and deals with time travel, love, and the world’s best apple pie. Next comes a vampire tale about undead lovers and their passion mixed with hatred for one another. There is a story about aliens addicted to sugar, as well as one about a couple’s downward spiral from stripping and robbery to murder and prostitution. Finally comes a story of the afterlife and cannibalism followed by one that describes a medical condition that causes a man to repeatedly die and come back to life.

These short stories are the kind that makes the reader want to read the entire book as soon as they start it, as each chapter is filled with interesting detail that while often gruesome, is highly interesting. There are very detailed descriptions of sexual encounters and a lot of graphic violence peppered throughout the book, and the way it is written only serves to keep the reader fully engaged in these dark, twisted, and engaging tales. Though it is definitely not a book for the very young, and certainly not for the squeamish, Dark Stories for the Mind is a wonderful look into the macabre psyche of an extremely creative and skilled author.

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