Dark Sun, Bright Moon by Oliver Sparrow

Dark Sun, Bright Moon written by Oliver Sparrow takes you on a very ancient journey to the Andes and the Peruvians. It is beautiful, complex, intense, and downright outside the box. From the very beginning, the author shows you how different the cultural beliefs of the Andean people were from the belief systems of modern day by describing a sacrifice of seven elderly pilgrims. This first example, expresses a beautiful willingness and acceptance of death. Quickly, the story moves into how there is a group that is working towards wiping out a number of other human lives and communities. There is a constant state of war, if you will, over varying religious beliefs. A young woman, Q’ilyasisa, is unknowingly the heir to the yachaq’ legacy. She has to help put an end to those communities that are trying to destroy the others. Eventually, she will accomplish this feat, become Mother Moon (Mama Q’ilya) and establish the groundwork for the creation of what most of us know as the Incan Empire.

Sparrow recommends in the preface of Dark Sun, Bright Moon that you very likely may want to start reading the book by flipping to the back and beginning with the appendix. If you do not do that and if you do not pour over the thirty-plus words in the glossary, which is shared within the preface, you may discover that you are very confused as you read the story. The appendix gives you an overview of the culture and belief systems during the time frame Dark Sun, Bright Moon is set in. Sparrow calls it “the Andean World View,” and it is quite different from what the majority of people experience today. With a great number of pictures included in the book and the appendix, Dark Sun, Bright Moon offers not only an interesting and unique fictional story but an opportunity for you to travel back in time. Sparrow has crafted a well-written tale that will draw your attention while at the same time expand your cultural and historical perceptions.

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