Dead Balance by Gary Wayne Clark

four stars

The mountain resort of Deadraven hides a dark secret until a disabled veteran in a remote cabin receives an eerie message describing a grisly killing—before it happens. Baffled, the local Sheriff enlists the help of Logan, a troubled Indian boy with a scary talent for locating dead bodies, but when Logan’s vision quest to track the killer goes awry, the hunter becomes the hunted. Our hero Logan while unsure of himself and wary of his destiny finds strength in his childhood home and friend Raven. Together they help the local Sheriff solve a string of grisly murders. Faced with a ruthless killer with no end in sight, the trio must work together to stop the killer before another body drops. With a spiritual and fantasy element Clark invites the reader on a journey with Logan who will ultimately have to find himself in order to save the town and everyone he loves.

Gary Wayne Clark has created an engrossing story with exciting character depth in his novel Dead Balance. This is a testament to the author’s skills. Well-written and researched, Clark ensures that the reader is fully invested in every character and aspect of the story. Set in the high mountains of the Continental Divide readers are treated to a picturesque setting prime for a thrilling read. Anything seems possible in this untamed and unruly landscape. As murder and ancient myths collide, a young man is brought to the edge of his world and tested. Dead Balance is a diverse landscape of mystery, sweeping mountain imagery and cultural insight.

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