Dead Money Run by J. Frank James

deadThis is a thrilling mystery all wrapped up into what is a sometimes a messy and violent package. With his novel Dead Money Run, Author, J. Frank James has you curious from the beginning. Lou Malloy was part of a gang that stole approximately 15 million dollars from an Indian Casino. He is the only gang member left and is about to come upon his release date after serving 15 years in prison for the crime. However, the money was never recovered and Malloy knows where it is hidden. His plan to recover the money doesn’t go as smoothly as he might have hoped. Shortly before his prison release, he’s notified of his sister’s death. He has no idea why she was killed, but he’s about to find out. In the midst of trying to recapture the stolen money, uncover the truth about his sister and keep from being killed by unknown killers hunting him down, he meets Hilary. The main focus of the story is on the mystery surrounding the money and his sister’s murder, but James does give you a touch of a love story alongside it. You will keep turning pages with bated breath as you seek to discover the real scoop in Dead Money Run. Will Lou land back in prison or will the true thugs take his life? Is it possible that Lou Malloy and Hilary could end up sharing a romantic relationship for the long term?

J. Frank James did a very nice job constructing a fast moving plot for Dead Money Run. It is intriguing and thrilling. However, the reader should be prepared for a bit of gruesome violence. Yet, the violence doesn’t override the mystery and suspense within the story. Hold on to whatever it is that you’re sitting on as you read this story, because James is about to take you on a wild ride.

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