Dear Diary: My Brother Died Today by Suzanne Courtney

Dear Diary: My Brother Died Today by Suzanne Courtney is a children’s book written from the perspective of a young girl whose brother has just died. The young girl narrates the story in the form of diary entries, in which she informs the reader of how she is still able to see and communicate with her brother Robbie, even though he has died. The young girl learns about many things from her brother, such as the angel Daniel helping guide him to heaven, that people who have passed away leave pennies for their loved ones on the street, and that Robbie is fishing with his grandpa in heaven. Although his parents cannot see him the young girl knows that Robbie is watching over them all, and he helps them in their sleep. The young girl often dreams of Robbie, as his spirit provides a light for her in the dark.

This is a well-executed children’s book that would be helpful for any young child who has recently lost a sibling or another loved one. The message is hopeful and uplifting, and although the story could possibly confuse children about the reality that they won’t really be able to see their loved ones once they have died, it is written in such a way that the magic of the young girl being able to see her brother Robbie is understood as a temporary and wonderful exception. Courtney has picked a great format to showcase her story, with the handwritten diary entries paired by cute little illustrations to compliment the narrative. All in all, this is a great short story to help children of all ages cope with the death of someone they love.

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