Decoys by Kenneth Tetzel

four stars

41wefmqBxlL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Decoys is a compelling thriller by Kenneth Tetzel. Based on his personal experiences enjoying The Refuge Areas, Tetzel maintained the setting and feel of California’s wetlands throughout this entire novel. Told in multiple points-of-view, Decoys is a who-done-it page-turner about Sarah Crosby’s murder. Wife of an abusive man and daughter of quirky and loving parents finds justice from the grave when her husband, Marcus Crosby, is murdered in cold blood in the driveway of his home. The only witness to the murder is an elderly neighbor, Mrs. Patterson, who had a strong relationship with Sarah Crosby. Feeling as more of a mother than neighbor to the former Mrs. Crosby, Mrs. Patterson was willing to provide as much as she could recall on the day Mr. Crosby was killed. With a partial plate and vague vehicle description, Partners Regina Gonzalez and Chris Davis investigate Mr. Crosby’s brutal murder. Gonzalez, daughter of Mexican immigrants that came to the US to find work on the farms, is a determined cop who relies on no one but herself, both in her professional and personal lives. Relationships bloom between suspects and investigators during the investigation, giving this murder mystery a seductive flair.

Kenneth Tetzel webs a story of passion, revenge, guilt, and regret intertwined with memorable characters that readers will easily identify with. The fast-paced investigation is equal parts mystery, love, and affairs that will leave readers guessing until the very end. Decoys will have you laughing, crying, and fighting for justice on every page. Continuously relating the plot to the distinct California setting, readers will easily become immersed in this suspenseful story.

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