Detective Lessons by Bill Larkin

four stars

What a tangled web Bill Larkin weaves in Detective Lessons.  A simple harbor patrol officer saves the billionaire father, Mac Whelan, of a young man he once knew in high school. It was not an unusual stranded boat rescue, but the wealthy real estate guru most certainly has some unusual experiences in his past. When Whelan’s son comes up missing he decides, for a seemingly strange reason, that he wants Deputy Schmidt to find him. Whelan offers to pay a large sum of money for locating his only son as he fears that something terrible has happened. Will Schmidt agree to help? If he does, will he unknowingly risk himself by getting tangled up in Whelan’s manipulations and his son’ potentially dangerous deals?

In this page-turner, Bill Larkin does a great job of expressing to the reader the energy and personality of each character. For example, early on in Detective Lessons it is obvious that Deputy Schmidt is a pretty laidback guy, but Larkin expresses how he is not a push over either. Even though Whalen offers him an opportunity to earn a chunk of cash, Schmidt makes it clear that such a payment would be against police policy. He may not be one to conform, but he doesn’t just jump at the chance to switch things up in his life. Of course, Whalen is used to getting his way. Larkin continues to offer a very well written and detail oriented story as he continues to create intricate twists and turns only to unravel them as the story progresses.

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