Dimension by Shay Nankivell

Dimension by Shay Zana

The first installment in a series of novels, Shay Zana’s Dimension is an exciting and fresh science fiction novel. When stars begin dying and no explanation can be found, it seems that not just one world, but all life, is coming to a devastating apocalyptic end. A group of the five most capable and uncommon beings are brought together with the overwhelming task of saving their dimension and forever changing the course of sapient history. Kitera is a Cipher, a unique being who is born with a special genetic structure that allows her to be so deeply in touch with her spirituality that she can communicate with the godlike Zodiacs. With her sometimes clouded guidance and wisdom, Kitera’s powerful super-soldier Paragons travel through many galaxies, hoping to find the key to saving all life while also struggling to find meaning in their own lives, knowing that in order for the mission to succeed they will have to sacrifice their lives. No pressure, right?

Dimension is not just an exciting novel about friendship, romance, and the cost of honor, but it is a genuine pleasure to read. Zana’s writing is rich and detailed, easily keeping the reader flipping pages to know more. While Dimension has many of the classic traits of a science fiction novel, it also breathes new life into the genre, painting pictures of worlds and heroes unknown. Best to read Dimension now before the movie rights are sold and you are pre-ordering your tickets!