Disinheritance by John Sibley Williams


johnThe poems featured in Disinheritance tinge with ache, as they aim to understand the complexities of life, and what it means to lose something, or even more devastatingly, someone. Poet John Sibley Williams explores the various ways grief can overtake the senses, as he constructs sharp pieces of prose that linger with the reader long after the last stanza. Whether his words are focusing on the characteristics of his elders like in Hemophilia, pondering over a Euology and pairing the loss with someone alongside the physical elements of nature, or the reoccurring theme of A Dead Boy... who may or may not still be affecting the living world we all remain within, the poetry included in this collection packs an emotional punch.

This is an excellent collection of poetry for a number of reasons, but first and foremost Disinheritance succeeds because it shows such a wide range in John Sibley William’s talent, all the while maintaining a consistent theme throughout the book. The poet keeps the reader’s interest as his poems range in form, style, and tone. He is not afraid to play around with his stanzas, shifting words and lines while accentuating certain sounds in deliberate and precise forms. By focusing on nature and humanity while also revealing the innermost complexities of what our strange and glorious world has to offer us, John Sibley Williams presents an expert collection that delivers lines of longing in poems that are both somber and powerful.

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