Divine Roosters and Angry Clowns by Frank Crimi


Major league baseball scout Riley Knight is in search of an once-in-a-lifetime pitching prospect when he finds himself stranded at a remote mountain diner with a collection of nutty eccentrics after a gigantic solar storm destroys electrical power grids worldwide. Cut off from the rest of the electricity-deprived world, the group finds themselves forced to rely on each other with laughingly absurd results. Their situation rapidly becoming unstable, the town of Jericho becomes their only hope for survival. But the road to Jericho is fraught with peril that only the bravest of them may survive. While perceived as a safe haven, Jericho may not be the paradise of tranquility desperately sought by the unlikely band. Riley and his companions will have to band together and face ridiculous obstacles to survive this new world.

Riley Knight is an unlikely hero in an unlikely situation. Crimi has skillfully captured his vision of the post-apocalyptic future with humor and over-the-top comedy, all of which takes the reader on a delightful journey through the genre that has captured the imagination and interest of so many. A world without electricity could hardly be called the end of days, but it certainly provides an interesting perspective into how the human psyche would react to the sudden widespread plunge into the dark ages. Crimi’s fantastical world plays up the basest aspects of human nature and exploits them with humorous results. Readers will identify with Crimi’s exaggerated characters’ reactions and wonder how they themselves would react if faced with the same circumstances. In the starkly portrayed landscape of the end-of-the-world genre, Divine Roosters & Angry Clowns proves to be a colorful burst of comedy and satire.

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