Diving for Pearls by Kathleen Jones

Diving for Pearls: A Thinking Journey with Hannah Arendt

by Kathleen B. Jones


By weaving together the life accomplishments and essence of the famed political thinker Hannah Arendt with details of her own journey and growth as a highly educated woman, Kathleen B. Jones has constructed an engaging account that functions as both memoir, biography, and autobiography. Diving for Pearls: A Thinking Journey with Hannah Arendt breaks form and combines all of the best elements of personal and narrative non-fiction by bringing the reader information that not only elicits thought, but also creates understanding. With quotes from Hannah Arendt littered throughout, the main subject chronicled in this narrative is able to speak to readers through her own words, as Jones offers other conclusions based off of the life Hannah lived. This is by no means a simple book, as Jones tackles a great amount of information within these pages. Ideas about all sorts of topics ranging from love, family, education, female empowerment, and even war are presented through the lens of both the author herself, and through the opinions and thoughts of Hannah Arendt.

Although she is a highly esteemed individual, especially in academic circles, it is highly likely that the average person has no idea who Hannah Arendt was, what she accomplished, or what she believed. By quickly googling her name, there is a trove of information about her to be found, including the fact that there is an award called the Hannah Arendt Prize for Political Thought that is named after her. Even though there are countless of details about this amazing woman that are easily accessible to anyone, nothing compares to the insight given to her life that comes from the pages of Diving for Pearls. Jones has taken Hannah’s most complicated thoughts and theories about politics and life itself and made them understandable for anyone who reads her book. Through the personal way she depicts Hannah and because of the way Hannah has influenced her own life, Diving for Pearls succeeds in both form and function, offering up a truly inspiring story of how two women’s lives have intertwined.

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