Domestic Enemy No. 1 by Franklin Thomas Revere

Creating awareness amongst American citizens about the Federal Reserve’s uses and acts is something Revere strives for in his pamphlet “Domestic Enemy No.1: What the FED really doesn’t want you to know or understand and what you can do to help fix the problem.” His pamphlet is separated into four sections: current problems, possible solutions, background information, and the appendix. Each section answers questions the average citizen might have about the FED and America’s current debt crisis. At the end of each section, there is also a convenient page for reader notes. Throughout the pamphlet, he explains why it should be America’s goal to rid itself of the FED and petition its government to create a National or Sovereign Bank. Revere, a passionate writer and visionary, pushes his readers to become active citizens and less “debt service slaves.”

“Domestic Enemy No. 1” is a pamphlet that wants to tell a story about the financial woes of America and who is to blame for it. It urges citizens to free themselves of their normalcy bias and start taking action towards change. Although loaded with charisma, Revere’s pamphlet is not explanatory enough about what the FED is and how it functions. Those unaware of the FED and its roles might become confused by his explanation of it. If the text were expanded, his vision and thoughts could be understood more clearly by common citizens. As it is now, only those who already have an idea of the situation at hand would appreciate his thoughts. Lastly, Revere does not include references in his pamphlet, making its credibility questionable. He refers readers to his blog for sources, but this is not clearly listed on the pamphlet. With revision, “Domestic Enemy No. 1” could become a pamphlet that can enlarge the minds of thousands of citizens.

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