Dreaming of Elephants by Karen Powell

Dreaming of Elephants: The Yoga of Love and Forgiveness by Karen Berry Powell

‘Dreaming of Elephants: The Yoga of Love and Forgiveness’ by Karen Berry Powell is a multifaceted book that combines genres into one informative fiction narrative that is both an enjoyable read, as well as a helpful guide on topics such as yoga, self-help, and parenting. The main character, Adeline, is a woman struggling to take control of her life path. She tries to guide herself in the right direction, just as she has guided her children before her. Throughout her journey, Adeline’s knowledge is shared with the reader, as she offers techniques to her students in her parenting class, (which is a sort of self-help section.) Further into the book’s pages a style of therapeutic yoga called Yoga of Love and Forgiveness is introduced, which offers a source of healing energy of love and forgiveness that filters into the body of the individual who is practicing the routine.

Although it may appear that there are too many different elements contained within this book, Powell has constructed it in a way that is easy to follow, benefiting the reader most of all with the words she writes. If you are looking for a book that has the ability to guide you to a better, more balance and relaxed life, then this would be a great read for you. While all of this information could have been revealed in a more traditional self-help kind of book, Powell has chosen to take this creative approach instead, interlining Adeline’s story with what the author refers to as “proven, effective life skills.” All in all, the book succeeds in what it has set out to do, enlightening people through the use of new parenting skills, yoga, and a self-guiding light.

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