Driven by Rick Jacobs Sr.


drivenThe narrative for Driven by Rick Jacobs Sr follows Angela Harwell, a Domestic Violence Detective in Memphis, Tennessee. A survivor of a traumatic childhood herself, she’s dedicated her life to helping others get out of domestic abuse situations. When a particular case catches her attention, she embarks on the path to hunt down Tyrone “T-Bone” Reed, the ruthless leader of the Memphis gang, The Family. When a run-in with T-Bone and his crew turns deadly, Harwell is driven by revenge to stop him and his gang once and for all. Outnumbered and outgunned, she realizes that sometimes help comes from the most unlikely of sources. Pushed to her breaking point Harwell must make a life-altering decision.

An exciting crime thriller Driven pulls readers into the good vs evil fight. Following a heart-wrenching beginning, the author jumps ten years ahead. An effective time jump, author Rick Jacobs is able to maintain high tension and high drama from start to finish. Readers will become invested in Angela Harwell’s story, her relationship with her grandfather, and her pursuit of justice. With a reader-friendly prose style and varying chapter lengths, the novel keeps up a quick pace. Jacobs has created well-developed characters with backstories and at the end provides satisfying glimpses into their futures. An exciting thriller about crime, family, and the pursuit of justice, readers will be left wanting more from Angela Harwell.

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