Dude, a Child? WTF? by Rex Donovan

Fatherhood isn’t a decision to be taken lightly, yet, as Donovan argues in his new parenting primer for young dads, it’s rarely given as much thought as it deserves.  With anecdotal humor, Donovan guides readers into the future, where he describes for them the sort of financial and personal sacrifices that parents are required to make for their children: less sleep, less free time, less money.  Not to mention the increasingly exorbitant amounts of money that American families now shell out for their children’s college educations.  The author also points to numerous other complications that can arise from having children, like elevated levels of marital stress and the painful task of caring for and helping children through a divorce.  Donovan argues that times have changed, and thus parenting styles need to change, too.  For one thing, statisticians predict an increase in the frequency of live-at-home offspring in the next few decades, which is definitely food for thought if you’re considering parenthood.  While Dude, a Child? WTF? doesn’t necessarily shed new light on the subject, Donovan’s book is certainly worth a look for prospective parents, and serves as a reminder that having children requires not only love, but also patience and planning.

Donovan wrote this book in the style of a conversation among friends, which makes his advice and authorial voice that much more personal.  Though it may seem like he is trying to scare young men away from parenthood, Donovan himself is the proud father of two girls and recognizes the many joys – and, of course, sacrifices – that come from having children.  Quite unbiasedly, Dude, a Child? WTF? examines both the pros and cons of fatherhood, most of which are well known but are rarely – as Donovan believes – weighed carefully enough until it’s too late.  Though this book is written with a male audience in mind, young couples may also find it useful for starting an honest and fair-minded discussion about expanding the family.

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