Dying Wish by James Raven


dyingYou will not be able to put down Dying Wish by James Raven. This fourth book in the DCI Jeff Temple Series tells you what brutal childhood experiences can actually create. Sexual sadism is at the core of Grant Mason’s true being. However, almost no one knows the truth about who Grant really is. In fact, in recent years only his psychotic accomplice knows what really makes Grant tick. Grant suffers an unexpected heart attack, which leads him to demand that his assistant promise to burn his house down with everything in it. She, instead, contacts the police, and they discover a secret office in the house. The police, the residents and beloved visitors of New Forest National Park in southern England are mortified by the devastating evidence that is found. Grant has apparently been on a murderous rampage for years. The police quickly realize that a young couple, who recently went missing, has been abducted by Grant and his accomplice. The plot thickens as Raven shares a number of potential suspects. But, this story is more than just about crazed serial killers and their victims. Raven mixes in a major life change for Jeff Temple that he is unsure he wants to face. Dying Wish is a book that will have you salivating for the truth while your anxious heart connects you to the missing couple, Jeff, and maybe even the child version of Grant’s vicious accomplice.

James Raven has crafted a fascinating and eerie tale of abuse, torture, murder and a hint of love. Dying Wish is a story that will keep you guessing and trying to put the puzzle pieces together until the very end. Raven leaves no stone unturned in this story. There are some graphic details, but nothing that could be considered overly explicit. The mysterious and suspenseful nature of the plot will have you curious from the first few lines all the way through the surprising development in the epilogue. An exceptionally well-written novel, Dying Wish is one you need in your library.

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