Dystopian Daily Announcements by Robin Candelario

dysDystopian Daily Announcements: Europe Nation Nigel and Nancy 2144 AD is a brief work that begins by explaining how the world has been divided into two countries, the Marlboro Squid Administration and Europe Nation. It is 2118 AD and there is damage worldwide due to environmental conditions, and times are desperate. The first few chapters in the story revolve around a talk show hosted by characters named Nigel and Nancy, where they mostly discuss current events. In the prologue, the reader learns of a time travelling family and the first time travelling fetus from the hosts of the show. The first chapter has the hosts further discussing the time travelers as well as the death of a famous scientist who studied DNA. Everything from pets, food, music, exercise regimens, crime, and a wide variety of other topics are written about in well worded and dynamic way throughout the book. Dystopian Daily Announcements is filled with snippets of the future world and life in it, with a quirky mixture of science, humor, and creativity.

The chapters within Dystopian Daily Announcements at first don’t seem to blend smoothly, and though they each have a story that is highly interesting, the epilogue is what ties them together. The entire work is a quick read because of its brevity, but also because of its unique and fun style. The story, though often dealing with serious subject matter, manages to remain light-hearted and fast-paced as well as thought provoking and entertaining.  The author creates an intriguing view of the future and the reader will surely look forward to the next work in the series.

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