Eat Me and Other Short Poems by Alexej Savreux


alexejEat Me and Other Short Poems is a collection of approximately one hundred poetic verses and prose. Poet Alexej Savreux introduces his second collection of poems by explaining that this book is more open to subtle suggestion, including less intense visual cues, and offering pieces that are much shorter across the board. His individual works are meant to be sort of ‘poetic portraits’ that draw upon multiple layers, painting something that is both pleasing to read and stylistically accessible while bringing about emotions within the reader that they might not necessarily feel comfortable with. These are the kind of poems that are meant to challenge the reader, not just in the terms of how they appear on the page, but by the feelings they instill within anyone whose eyes wander across the written words. Savreux has tried his best to make this collection accessible to all, and for the most part, has succeeded.

The poet plays with form and changes the style of his writing, even though they all tend to be just about a half page long. Some poems tell short stories, other speculate about unobtainable things, while others are ponderings about the world and religion. Various meanings and deliberations litter the pages as the collection moves forward. It’s somewhat difficult to classify the kind of poems that are featured here, since the content is rather diverse and unlike anything we’ve really read before. The best way to recommend this collection is to say that it is something that stands out for its uniqueness, and the only way to truly grasp its content is to dig into the poems yourself.

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