Ecclesiastes by Charles Kim McIntosh

four stars

eccA collection of over sixty poems, Ecclesiastes by Charles Kim McIntosh is a no-holds-barred book that packs an emotional punch. As the author proclaims in the synopsis of the work, these poems were written over a range of the past ten years, and are not for the faint of heart. In short, lyrical lines, McIntosh covers everything from death, money, family, our vast universe, and the ups and downs of every day life. The poems included here are all around one page long, where lines of few words get their meaning across in powerful tones. Whether McIntosh is contemplating about the world around him in poems like Out There and In or the loss of privacy in our current digital age in Paranoia, the poet does a good job of covering a wide range of topics that readers of all ages and backgrounds are sure to connect with.

The poems included here fit together even though they cover different stories because of the distinct voice that Charles Kim McIntosh is able to bring to each page. Even though he uses little punctuation throughout his poems, the pacing of each piece is deliberate, planned out by the words he strings together. While this certainly isn’t a collection for someone who is seeking something spiritual or uplifting, it is a gritty and realistic outlook on life in our modern era. It’s clear that the author has a passion for words, and this collection is surely not one to be missed.

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