Empire City: No Woman’s Land by George Valvis

In the true tradition of young adult literature, author George Valvis has created a moving portrait of young people trying to make sense of the world around them. In a post-apocalyptic setting, Jason Brown is the future leader of his city and is bound by generations of tradition to follow in his father’s footsteps. The Empire City has been built on the belief that women are evil and the enemy of man. In Valvis’ world, there are many enemies that plague the Empire and the young men that must survive their Crii in order to become men and take their place next to their fathers as equals. Jason and his best friend Mattie are apprehensive for their Crii. It will surely throw them into opposite corners of the country and be fraught with danger. As the story develops, the reader begins to realize that the Crii is the very thing that will bring Jason and Benedetta together in an incredible change of fate. Together Jason and Benedetta bravely choose to reveal the truth to Empire City, putting in jeopardy their future together and even their very lives. In a heroic deed and with one foul swoop, Jason is able to bring about a change that will rock the city to its core.

A talented storyteller, George Valvis has created a vivid landscape rich with romance, adventure, and self-discovery. The author’s portrayal of Jason’s growth in character and self-awareness is refreshing with a genuine air. A new addition to the world of young adult literature that is most welcome, Empire City: No Woman’s Land is well worth the read.

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