Endor: The Final Chapter by John R. Garland


John R. Garland’s adventure novel Endor: The Final Chapter is a fun cross between Brian Jacques’ Redwall series and J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit. In a colorful land where enormous dragons, talking mice, fairies, wizards, and magic are not uncommon to see, a long-lasting battle against Gundermire and all evil is being waged. Garland weaves a mystical tale with unexpected heroes, memorable battles, and unfortunate loss. As Endor and Erg fight their way to Castle Daemon, allies are found in unexpected places and the world is slowly becoming a better and safer place for everyone of all shapes, sizes, and fur-color to live. However, the battle is not an easy one and when defeat is such a distinct possibility, heroes must rise to their full potential in order to save their world. Perhaps Garland himself says it best in the novel’s introduction, “Near failure and narrow victories will keep you on the edge of your seat”.

Garland’s novel, while fun and entertaining, can also be a little unsurprising and lackluster at times. His characters are only page deep and some of them can be hard to connect with and care for. Perhaps because Garland previously wrote poetry and short stories, his writing feels somewhat choppy and disconnected this go around. However, Garland’s creative mind and love of writing does still shine through in the end, and this inventive adventure serves well as the last book in his series, capping off the Endor trilogy with style.

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