Endor’s Adventures by John R. Garland

four stars

Picking up right where the first book Endor the Wizard left off, Endor’s Adventures, the second book of the Endor trilogy follows Endor as he travels to the neighboring country of Dame where he must try to forge an alliance with the citizens there so that they will agree to assist him in going up against the evil Gundermire and the armies of Crindleland. Endor works with the head wizard of the Dame people, who goes by the name of Erg, to try to come up with a solution so that the good people of their lands are not forced into servitude of the evil forces which are trying to overtake them. A great companion to the first book, this novel can also be enjoyed even if you have not read Endor the Wizard, as the author does a good job of creating a whole new tale that is riveting all on its own.

The short chapters make for easy reading, this book could appeal to young adults who are reading smaller chapter books on their own, or it could work well as a story read by parents to younger children. Garland is clearly a lover of fantasy, and he uses his talent to create a world in which young readers will be able to fully immerse themselves within. There are a lot of new characters in this book, and while they add to the story tremendously, sometimes it’s hard to keep who is who straight. Nevertheless, this is an enjoyable tale of magic, wizardry, and banding together in the name of good to defeat the treacherous evil that lurks on the innocent.

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