Enigma by Elisa O’Donnell

Imagine surviving a nuclear war, living as inhabitants on a world that is between what is known as Earth, and its moon. This is a planet that is uniquely designed to have equality of all measure by means of genetic testing of its inhabitants. Each citizen of Enigma must contribute and support the longevity, ingenuity, fertility, and always equality, as they are placed within society with their own specific purpose to contribute to Enigma. To chose your own destiny would be a fantasy, as every person’s job is chosen for them. What if you could chose your own fate or destiny? Would you follow the designated plan and future expected of you, even if you knew a secret that could destroy everything? Would you defy everything expected of you for a greater purpose of your fellow inhabitants? These are the questions that are explored within this thrilling narrative.

Enigma written by Elisa O’Donnell is a phenomenal science fiction novel introducing readers to the concepts of a society similar to how one would be run if it was functioning as a socialistic state. The author writes with so much skill and creativity, building suspense and the imagination of readers throughout the entirety of the book. Character scenes, strong personalities, and the plot of the story itself, are all very well described and detailed. The book contains some content or concepts within that may be a little uneasy or difficult for some younger generation readers to grasp or fully comprehend, but none the less, the book is a wonderful read allowing for no dull moments. I look forward to reading more of Elisa O’Donnell’s work in the future.

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