Entering Electric Value by Reed Fauver

Entering Electric Value by Reed Fauver is about a man who embarks on a short road trip with his wife. He meets with a former love interest of his, while his wife stays in the car, and both realize that they’re better off apart. He then runs into his former best friend and realizes that they’re not the same people anymore, despite having known each other for over 30 years. He leaves abruptly as he can sense that his former best friend is unhappy with his presence. Throughout this road adventure, he describes his wife by talking about how she is always eating food, and finds it repulsive. Overtime, he learns to realize that he does love her.

This story is easy to read in one sitting. It’s perfect for someone who has limited time to read regularly. Some may find it difficult to follow at some points, due to punctuation and grammatical errors. However, it is worth reading, if you’re interested in stories about human relationships and what it means to be a person. We’ve all experienced the loss of love and watched friends disappear overtime. It’s an easy to relate to story, that will appeal to many readers.