Epitome by Elisa O’Donnell


Epitome is the sequel to Elisa O’Donnell’s Enigma. Continuing the fascinating tale of living beyond Earth, yet not past the moon, this book starts off with mystery and intrigue from the first few pages. Genesis Velorum awakens in the spacecraft world in which she inhabits after successfully leading a rescue mission to Earth. But, all is not as it seems. Enigma is not the only spacecraft world after all, and Genesis and a handful of others must leave it behind. The shocking twists and turns throughout this story will keep the reader on the edge of his/her seat. Consider for a moment the definition of ‘enigma.’ It means something or someone that is mysterious or puzzling. Therefore, naming a spacecraft world this leaves one’s mind spinning. Now, consider what the definition of ‘epitome’ is. It means a perfect example. So, just where are Velorum and her shipmates headed? To a perfect version of a new place to live, thrive and promulgate life? Another question for the reader to ponder might be what is the concept of perfection? What one person or inhabitant, as they are called in the spacecraft worlds, views as flawlessness may be a far cry from someone else’s perception. O’Donnell leads the reader on a wild ride as the epitome of life is challenged.

Author, Elisa O’Donnell, does a wonderful job of writing the narrative of this novel. Epitome holds the reader’s interest with its intricate story line from beginning to end. The plot is easy to follow and understand while stimulating the reader’s mind with a highly entertaining tale. From living in space, to cryogenics, to supposedly perfect beings, the overall premise appears to be sustaining life. O’Donnell’s draws an excellent picture for the reader, and holds one’s interest until the conclusion of this fascinating story.