Ettie Explores Earth by Lynn Holland

four stars

An interactive story about a little alien who is visiting Earth for the first time, Ettie Explores Earth, written and designed by Lynn Holland is an endearing children’s book that kids are sure to enjoy. At the beginning of the story, we are introduced to Ettie, who comes from a faraway planet called Green Cheeze. She begins by teaching us about Earth and our solar system, as we learn about the various planets and the fact that astronauts have traveled to our moon. As we move forward, we also get closer to Earth to learn more about the planet and those that inhabit it. We understand that the blue is the ocean, and the green/brown we see is the land where people live in cities, towns, and villages. From this point forward the book becomes even more interactive as Ettie asks children to describe the other kinds of creatures that live on our planet. We learn about dogs, cats, cows, bears, and even snakes, as Ettie tells us what similar creatures on her home planet are called.

This is a fun book for children to read, as the way Ettie asks questions of them will make the child feel as if they are helping the little green alien learn about our planet, as they too are learning things themselves. The book is designed in bright colors, and includes a lot of great images to go along with the text. We like the way that the book starts with a broad focus on the solar system and then zooms in on the planet itself as we talk about the different kinds of animals that live here. However, it could also be argued that the book lacks a little bit of focus since so many topics are covered. We also would have liked to have seen more variety in the way Ettie is pictured, as she is pretty much shown in the exact same position on every page with the same facial expression, just at different sizes. Nevertheless, this is a charming children’s story that kids who like science fiction and animals will consider a favorite.

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