Everybody Has a Story by Audrey Lewis

storyEverybody has A Story: This is Ours is a collection of short narratives depicting life events, family memories, and experiences. The stories include Lexi’s mom, a woman who is striving to understand her daughter who seemed detached since birth. Abigail whom is recalling her childhood nanny and the important lessons Chamele taught her. The stories also include a young woman being taken from her family, and another sister now grown trying to create a new relationship with her brother. A few stories are of women finding beauty in unlikely places and realizing the true value of the meaningful things in her life; as well as the story of Claire, a woman and her “girls night out” that ends in an interesting way.

Some of the stories such as “The Closet” cut deep into the dark inner workings of the human mind. Lexi’s Mom struggles to understand Lexi and to connect with her, but at the same time fears her. How can one fear and love their child at the same time? When readers find out what Lexi has been doing with bugs, it brings about an “oh my” moment. Other stories such as “The Perfect Load,” were heartwarming and very touching. The way Lewis describes feelings of one sister striving for an adult relationship with her older sister was exquisite. It is as if she reaches down into her soul to pull out these emotions and memories. The way she tells each of these stories gives the feeling that she is sitting beside her readers regaling them with the stories orally rather than written. Lewis does a wonderful job describing the faults and weaknesses of human behavior such as in “Fading Forest” with how Megan’s dad treated her and Jeffrey as well their mother. In contrast to how she deals with the frailty of human behavior, she also has excellent command of the strengths and good aspects of life as readers see in “If Only You Could Hear Her Sing.” The narrator goes into a nursing home expecting one thing and comes out learning so much more. Between each story are short poems and artwork, which help set readers minds up for the next story; almost like cleansing the palate in a taste testing. Audrey Lewis does a phenomenal job with this collection and leaves her readers wanting more.

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