Evita’s Favorite by Ana Cristina Evans Burgess


Evita’s Favorite by Ana Cristina Evans Burgess tells the story of the little known governor of the Argentinean province of Mendoza: Carlos Evans-Villanveua. Evans Burgess provides a personal account of the Nazi regime and its connection to the government where Carlos was a member. This book outlines Mr. Evans’ life, achievements, and his political accomplishments. It displays exactly how significant of a role he played within Argentina’s history.

Opening the book with Carlos Evan’s funeral and proceeding from there into the man’s life, gives the book a feel of reflection and remembrance rather than a book riddled with information. While Ana Cristina remembers things about her father and his time as governor, she reminds the world that there are things that have happened in the past and things that are currently happening that we don’t realize. It is wildly fascinating to see how Evans’ transformed the family values he grew up with into his political values. It is because of those values that Evita Peron chose him for the position of governor. Readers see the business relationship between the two through accounts of the Revolution, but also the friendship between the two as Ana Cristina remembers Evita’s funeral. “He wasn’t interested in having possessions; he wanted to be remembered as the best governor in the history of the province.” Such a powerful statement sums up everything that made Carlos Evans-Villanveua the man he was. Evita’s Favorite is an exceptionally well written historical account through the eyes of a loving daughter.