Exiled by Elaine Herrick and Callie Proffitt Christiansen

Discovering their own unique and special natural accelerants or abilities, the people of Kolar work together as a whole for the greater good of their government and people. But what if you were born with two special abilities, that made you extraordinary from the rest of society? Would you use if for the good of everyone around you or would the excitement of the power you hold take over, and you become selfish? Ravic and three of his friends are on a space exploration when their sudden chaos erupts and they realize they cannot return home. Stranded in space, the 2 emotes- having the ability to sense emotions, the psychic-intelligent, ability to learn quick, and sense the future outcome of situations, and a Mentor, an overly super intelligent accelerants allowing for extreme ability to retain information and be very analytical of situations, try to figure out what they are going to do to save their home planet and escape the dangers in space. Deciding to land on Earth in Australia the group studies their habits, language, and life style during the long trip. A glitch in their ship’s system changes their plans and they find themselves on earth’s California state in America and not Australia. Having to adapt as foreign exchange students, the group tries to blend in with the Earthlings in hope to find the answers they seek to save their home planet. When romance and scandals are intertwined into that plan, it is slightly altered. Will the group find their answers on Earth? Will they ever return to their home planet? Will the earthlings discover their true identities?

Exiled written by Elaine Herrick in close collaboration with Caroline Proffitt is an exciting romance-sci-fi type of novel introducing readers to futuristic space travel, Australian lifestyle, high school teenager emotions, lifestyle, and actions. The authors have combined romance and sci-fi skillfully and uniquely into one novel. The text and dialogue is easily comprehendible, thus making it a comfortable read. The plot of the story itself is brilliant. What teenager or young reader has not wonder what it would be like to live in space, and have super power abilities? Mix that with a common secondary romance plot and you have the ultimate book for pre-teen and teenagers. I loved everything about this adventurous, exciting, sci-fi, and romantic genre book. I would however, have loved to see a few pictures added.