Eye Spy by Kevin J. Hallock

CJ Campbell is agoraphobic. Ever since his parents were murdered he is too afraid to step foot outside. The only time he sees the outside world is when he uses his power to “sojourn” with other people. He is able to join someone else’s mind and see what they see, feel what they feel, etc. This ability lets CJ experience the world in ways he could never do otherwise. It also allows him to help the police solve crimes they weren’t able to solve. Steph worries about her brother. His sojourning takes a toll on him physically and emotionally, and now he is getting careless. He is staying away longer and not being as careful as he should about not being noticed. Their current case- finding a kidnapped girl named Lauren- is pushing both of them to the limit. She just hopes they can find Lauren alive…and not lose each other in the process.

Eye Spy is a murder-mystery psychological thriller. The thought process behind the story is amazing and not something we have really seen before. The way CJ can experience everything his host does (even tasting the food they eat) helps bring it to another level. Writing the book from each main character’s point of view was a great way to stay involved in every aspect of the story. You got to know the characters on a deeper level and you knew what was happening (almost) every step of the way. You were able to really feel Lauren’s fear, Steph’s stress and anxiety, and CJ’s determination; you see it the way they saw it. Kevin J. Hallock has created a story that draws you in and keeps you guessing. You know almost from the beginning that something is going to go wrong at some point and CJ is going to be caught. But Hallock still managed to set it up so that you are surprised when it happens and you are afraid that he will not survive it. The characters are what make the story. All the good writing doesn’t matter if you don’t care about the people you’re reading about. Watching them grow and change, seeing how they react to adversity, making you cheer (or cry) for them…all of these things are important and Hallock manages to bring all of this. He also dealt with CJ’s agoraphobia in a very tactful and real way. You saw how debilitating it was but you also saw how CJ grew through it and how he changes as the narrative goes on. Eye Spy is a great read for every fan of this genre.

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