Facing the Tide by Kyle Freelander

It’s hard enough to lose one of your best friends, but when you lose them at a young age as a teenager, while in the midst of discovering who you really are, the loss itself hurts even more. Becca is a seventeen year old girl who loves horses, and although she has aspirations of her own, she’s always been the shy one, staying within the shadows of her livelier friend Lanie, whose personality shines freely. This all changes when a terrible accident occurs, shifting Becca’s life and changing everything she’s ever known. She finds help from a few unexpected characters, including Lanie’s older brother, a strange therapist whose methods seem peculiar, and Christian, the boy that Lanie and Becca both have feelings for. In the end, Becca has to forge a new path and find her own way, without her best friend by her side.

Facing the Tide by Kyle Freelander is a startling and intoxicating young adult novel that has the ability to explore the dynamics of a friendship between two teenage girls, filtered through the lens of both triumph and tragedy. Freelander balances the deeper parts of the story by including moments of humor and happiness in a successful way. The characters, especially Becca and Lanie are fully developed and their personalities fully come alive on the page. The love the girls have for horses also comes through, adding another element to the narrative. All in all, this is a well written book that any teenage girl will easily relate to, and enjoy.

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