Fatal Alliance by Elizabeth Farris


allianceA world of decadence, luxury, and romantic encounters awaits in Elizabeth Farris’ Fatal Alliance. Jake, a young man with failed football dreams and an empty bank account, becomes reunited with a college friend whose financial success is enough to turn anyone’s head. BJ, the entrepreneur, carries Jake with him back to his abode in New Orleans to bring him on as his Head of Personal Security. Their bond continues to flourish as Jake becomes a stellar employee and friend while BJ provides the lavish toys and amusement. What Jake doesn’t know is BJ’s obsession with asphyxiating women for pleasure, and the trail of bodies he’s left. As the two become closer and more successful together, an alliance is formed- an alliance which Jake, once he learns the truth, will have to decide whether or not to betray.

Fatal Alliance is an accessible text with clear diction and an eye for titillating details. It successfully weaves sensitive romance alongside graphic sexual scenes, ideal for reaching audiences of different desires. It combines a love story with a mystery, a violent tale with a romance. However, Farris’ Fatal Alliance features very little character development and follows many of the common tropes found in today’s detective literature. The plot line is simply constructed and easy to follow, but simultaneously devoid of complexity and deeper intrigue. Elizabeth Farris’ novel is a quick read, sure to satisfy the casual reader looking to be tossed into an unreachable world of starry opulence and dashing men and women.

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